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So you are able to RELAX and handle this:

Please find our 2021 updated protocols as well as handy community and County information in the links below.

Our Linens, Cleaning and Personal Products Update

Please know that in anticipation of your stay with us and with the guidance provided by CDC and our own Minnesota Department of Health, we have sourced the highest grade cleaning products available for disinfecting and sanitizing everything from countertops, fixtures, flooring, light switches and all fabric surfaces.  We have also developed and implemented best practices for our housekeeping staff and overall cleaning protocols.

Linens and sleeping:

We are all accustomed to having our beds made and awaiting us when we check in for a stay.  This Season however, you will find the beds and pillows stripped and sanitized awaiting your own sheets and pillow cases.  Pillows will have sanitized pillow protectors, however, feel free to bring your own pillows if preferred.  Our bedrooms both have queen size beds and we are asking you to bring either queen or king size sheets and pillow cases to utilize in one or both bedrooms as needed.  Flat sheets of either size will work well if you don’t own specifically Queen sheets.

If the above request for you to bring your own sheets creates an extreme hardship, please let me know and we will provide a sheet set available in each room.  If you elect to use them, please remove them from the bed when you leave and take them with you to launder at home.

Alternatively, you can choose to bring a sleeping bag or two, zipping them together.  In summary, we are asking you to make up your room with your own preferred linens from home and take them with you when you depart.

Towels – bath – beach –kitchen:

We also ask you to bring your own towels (bath, beach and kitchen) for your party.  Please also bring your own potholders (again if this creates a hardship for you, please let me know in advance and we will provide).  We will be providing extra paper towels for the kitchen, but if you want to use fabric towels during your stay, please bring yours from home.  Don’t forget your beach towels.

Please also bring two pot holders for your kitchen use and take them with you when you depart.

Blankets – Throw pillows – Couch covers for pets:

In addition, we ask you to bring your own blankets/comforters for sleeping for you and your family, throw pillows for lounging during the day and couch or covers for pets as these items will not be provided.  If you have a pet with you, please bring your own throws to cover the furniture if they snuggle on it with you.

When you depart, please take all your linens and towels with you to launder at home.

We request that you remove your shoes when you come inside and leave them on the porch.

Please know our cleaning personnel are committed to thorough cleaning and sanitizing of the cottage between each guest stay.

Personal products:

Please bring your own preferred hand and bath soaps, shampoos and conditioners.

Groceries for your stay:

The 3 grocery stores in Grand Marais are all open (see their on line info) and are offering curb side pickup when you order ahead.  Consider if you prefer to bring whatever groceries you can from home for your stay to enjoy cooking or grilling together as a family in this cozy spot.

Expect some changes and check for the latest info on websites below:

“Be Smart About Being Safe”.  That is the motto for the summer of 2021.

Some businesses in the area will be operating under new policies and guidelines. Restaurants may not offer dine-in options. Stores may not offer in-store shopping. Before you come up, look into where you want to go and what you want to do and see what’s going to be different. We have some great websites on the North Shore that are working hard to keep this information up to date and help visitors prepare for what to expect when they come up. Check out  https://www.visitcookcounty.com/https://www.exploringnorthshore.com/ and https://northshorevisitor.com/. All have been working hard to keep current information readily available to guests.  Our local radio station WTIP online is always current as well, check CoVid19 updates area:  https://www.wtip.org/

Please plan to call ahead or visit the websites and Facebook pages of your favorite North Shore businesses to confirm your travel plans.

Bring masks to wear when you are out in contact with others.

This Season we ask you to commit to taking the Cook County pledge to keep both you and our small, rural community safe.  We ask you to wear a mask when you are in contact with others in public places and practice social distancing guidelines – stay ONE MOOSE APART!

These are unusual times so we are taking unusual measures.  We want you to feel confident that your home-away-from-home at Twelve Mile Rock has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized and awaits you.  Welcome to the North Shore of Lake Superior!  We wish you a lovely stay.  Relax, enjoy family time, soak in the slower pace, sounds of lapping water and night skies.  We look forward to hosting you soon!